Z E ST is an experimental train-stop [1],
a land of passage
stationed between independent
publishing and space intervention.

This is an exploratory project, built upon the need to discuss the evermore puzzled relation between system and nature, human and earth, society and land.
We started this venture as our way of being independent and publish our books and zines, but Zest can also be a platform for exchange, reflection and discussion, from which new collaborations and projects can be born.

Emma Benozzi (graphic designer) & Filippo Ciriani(photographer) both graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, in The Hague, NL.
They provide designed narratives for any kind of content, whether it's photography, an essay, illustrative or a research project.

For inquiries or collaborations, email ZEST at ufficio.zest@gmail.com!
[1] Train-stop: As in a stop of a fully loaded cargo, which stops to deliver and pick up various points of view. A train-stop is a land of passage, the perfect platform where to discuss and exchange, fantasize, formulate, build and release.